I remember holding your neck “you’ve been bad.  I like it.” and wondering now how I was so fucked up to like that you caused me pain. In the hospital they said I was a masochist. I was ashamed but they said you were fucked up too. Does that mean we’re normal? I was waiting […]

it is ending

She said no more poems so I’ll hit you instead. Flowers are like knives and she cries. Is it too late? A kind gesture just digs under her skin like a sick worm. I was hoping for something more forgiveness or love. She just cries and says “I don’t want to see you right now.” […]


Reading this new degree like chipping out some new freedom missing the notes I played before You were walking by the beach and asked “Is it now” I shake my head I don’t know I wasn’t there and haven’t found what it was I sought before Your arms around me Is this it?  Now? I […]