Working with Dreams: Conscious Dream Re-entry (Part 2)

Dream re-entry can also be effected upon directly emerging from a dream.  Often, this method works best if one is awakened suddenly from the dream, or is able to become conscious during the process of waking up, in the hypnopompic state.

This method is simple, but not always easy.  Part of the practice relies on conditioning your mind to be prepared for an awakening, which can take days, weeks, or months to see clear progress.  Autosuggestion can be used to help, as is detailed below.

This method can also be facilitated with an alarm set to waken you from REM sleep (set to go off at random times after you have gotten at least four-six hours of sleep, to increase the chance of waking you during REM sleep).  This technique is also known as DEILD (Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream).

The Method

1.  Awaken consciously from the dream.  This usually involves prior intention setting, such as telling yourself you will notice “micro-awakenings,” any of the number of awakenings humans have, normally between 10 and 15, during the course of a night.  These are very brief awakenings, and are normally not noticed.  Set your intention to do so!

2.  Lie still with your eyes closed.  If you awaken consciously, but accidentally open your eyes, don’t fret.  Just relax and “play dead” with your eyes closed.  Then simply wait for the dream to return.  During this process, remind yourself that “the next thing I see will be a dream.”  If all goes well, a dream will form around you, or you will in some fashion enter a dream scene.

3.  Consciously explore the dream state.  Now that you are lucid in the dream state, if you are in the same dream as before, ask questions of the dream characters.  If you would rather seek a different course of action, then by all means do so.

Note: Conscious dream re-entry can sometimes be a powerful experience on its own, with virtually limitless possibilities as to what can and may be experienced.  Always remember: the dream is the play of your mind, and cannot harm you in any way.  If at any time you feel fear, simply repeat this phrase:

“This is a dream.  I am entirely safe.  I will be fearless in the dark.”

When we can dream consciously, we can choose to live consciously.  It is the beginning of everything.


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