Appearance in Dream

Dreams touch the magic chord in the human psyche: alluring realms of pure illusion that arise, deceive, and dissolve on a nightly basis.  And we are continuously, almost pathologically, suckered into the cycle over and over and over again. When we consider the appearances of dream from within the dream, we find that they truly […]

Dream Sex

The first lucid activities most people engage in are flying and sex.  In a sense, these activities symbolize what most of us look for when we turn to dream: boundless freedom (and no receipts).  Suddenly, not only can we fly above the clouds with (or without!) our body in tow, but we can also open […]

Making Friends with Thought

I wanted to take a slight detour from the realm of subtle dreaming (what we do at night) and talk briefly about the dreams we live during the day.  Both of these worlds are created from the raw material of pure thought. What are thoughts?  We obviously have them, but what exactly are they?  Where […]