Why Hold On?

Dream practice demonstrates the fluidity of experience, and the fluidity of personality itself.  As our self flows from one experience to the next, we merge with these experiences, and in some sense, become them.  Nothing that happens in this world does not happen to us.  In general, we might only think of it as a matter of scale.

The “self” is really just a fixed concept around a dynamic reality.  When we look for a self, we don’t find one.  Who or what is looking for a self?

If we have this kind of fluidity in our daily life, then why does life seem so rigid and unforgiving?  For the most part, it is because we refuse to let life be the way that it is.  We instead try to imagine a better life, or a better moment, or a better anything than what we have right now.

Since there isn’t anything better than what is happening now, it never works.

But we continue to imagine that it will work, someday.


It didn’t happen this time, but it will next time.

Ok, this will be the time that it works out.

Ok, that didn’t go the way I wanted it to, but this time will be different.


At some point, we need to realize that, fuck-it-all, it’s not going to work out.  This is it!  And that is actually great news.

If we can free ourselves from the lie of “it will all work out,” we’re free to flow from moment to moment.  Bring on the pain.  Bring on the pleasure.  All of it is blissful in its own way.


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