Vajra Sister

here we are again,

my love

the ocean  moved

to join us

once again.

Indecision may have played

a role in this, or fear

or lust, or both.

the world you see

is kind

in that it joined us

once again.

But who lit the fire, dear

that burns us both


no one dear

like the flame knows itself

and no other

we light this flame

as no one

die as no one

and wake up and rise again

as no one.

It is Good!

God gave us life

to be lived

in the fullness of the wedding feast

of our being

to be lived

and danced to the current

of the ocean’s perambulate song.

One word is enough

to break the hold

of centuries.

Will we go together

then, again dear?

Will we make this flame

the fire

that consumes us?

It is Good!

Good to rest

in the mind of God

to melt into his currents,

blush into his cheek,

love unto the ends of this earth, my dear

my Beloved

and be gone


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