Everything Must Go

My nieces are in town for the weekend.  I enjoy their energy and presence very much.  Interestingly enough, I am always happy to see them come, and always happy to see them go!  Some of this may be because in between, the “liking very much,” becomes “liking well enough.”  Our experience changes with our mind, simply because they are not separate from one another.  What the mind thinks it sees, it will see.

I can sense tension at times between me and my wife.  I sense it, feel it, and know it.  It is the sense of not having enough, not being enough.  It is internal.  It is the world not conforming to my illusions.  She is my dakini!  And the world is our dakini as well, often times so wrathful we do not know what to do with ourselves.

It’s simple enough, though.  We lose.  “You” will not win against “it.”  Period.  You will lose, which hurts, but even worse, you may think you’ve won.  It is worse because the mind believes it.  It increases our illusions about life.  And eventually, you will double lose, and it will hurt even more.

So thank the dakini–your boss, your ex-spouse, your spouse, your child, your burglar, your broken car, your lost item, your judgmental family, your lost job, your depression, your anxiety, your hatred, your frustration, your self-image.  They are the dakini, and our reminder to let go.

So let go.  Give it a try.  It’s like setting up all the ugly, ridiculous things you own at a yard sale, and letting them all leave.  You don’t even keep the money.  You don’t even keep the table.

And the house is clean.  Open.  Empty.

Full of possibilities.






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