My breath is quiet, my heart shines

your plans

got stacked up

like empty plates

there are no dishes

in this house

we were waiting for you

to make something last

worthwhile —

such a funny word

in a world

where nothing lasts

so let’s be joyful

I can hear a bird singing

and its cry dissolves in the wind

as it touches the tip

of my ear

I’ve found this clear slide

of being

for us to all ride down

we can watch

what inevitably must

what always must (yes it must)


we can say “whee”

and ride this interesting life

all the way down


it’s sort of dull to be sad

as though to say

“It can’t, it won’t, it must not”

and yet it must

Joy says instead “It did, it must, it will!

I am at ease

and my heart has never

been lighter”

and this joy

my dear friend

is riding up

to meet you



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