Just letting it happen

he broke my heart yesterday and today too. Something about not being able to do it and feeling a kick like that and hurting straight into tears love for myself was in that space and the tears were healing they were holy letting it happen again like watching your child lose a fight or witnessing […]

Losing Everything

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to open a book.  It was a wife’s personal account of her husband’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease.  The particular page I came to related how her husband could often not speak properly or organize his thoughts, and yet he was aware of what was happening to him.  He had […]

By the riverside

your skin in the morning, love, like milk or the coolness of the dew. Did you see the flowers, love, bathing in the river? They sing the song of sun, water, earth and the wind blow them gently into dust. Are you not the same, love?  The milk of your skin grows sour in the […]