Not what it means

When we don’t use something, we experience it.  It doesn’t need to be a method for something else.  We increase the sharpness of our experience, but we experience it differently.  When we experience waking life as a dream, we experience this change of edge, as though the knife of consciousness is being seen in a […]

Effort in Lucid Dreaming

Charlie Morley talks about lucid dreaming as a yin and yang practice.  In order to get to the dream world, a certain amount of effort is required: waking up, doing the practices, being diligent with the journaling, and so forth.  That is its yang. On the other hand, once we are in the dream world, […]

Perspective in Dreaming

Diving into dream practice is like holding a mirror up to ourselves.  We don’t have the opportunity to pretend anymore, and a lot of the time, we don’t like what we see. Our dreams have a wonderful ability to tell us the truth about who we are, if we are interested in listening to them. […]

Appearance in Dream

Dreams touch the magic chord in the human psyche: alluring realms of pure illusion that arise, deceive, and dissolve on a nightly basis.  And we are continuously, almost pathologically, suckered into the cycle over and over and over again. When we consider the appearances of dream from within the dream, we find that they truly […]