This Dream of Life

Every morning, I wake up.  Was I there a moment ago?  Maybe.  Sometimes it’s difficult to tell.  Most often, I’m not thinking about “a moment ago.”  I’m thinking about “a moment from now.”  As I get up, and move about the house, I am suspended in “a moment from now”: make the coffee/breakfast shake/etc brush […]

Dream Sex

The first lucid activities most people engage in are flying and sex.  In a sense, these activities symbolize what most of us look for when we turn to dream: boundless freedom (and no receipts).  Suddenly, not only can we fly above the clouds with (or without!) our body in tow, but we can also open […]

Growing Your Practice

In the previous post (An Overview of Lucid Dreaming Techniques), we looked at several reliable techniques for inducing lucidity in the dream state.  Once we’ve determined what technique would work best for us, there is often a period of time in which we spend writing our dreams, practicing the technique, and not seeing many results. […]

An Overview of Lucid Dreaming Techniques

The number of techniques advertised to induce lucidity is staggering.  Often, it is difficult enough for a newcomer to dig through the dross (because a lot of the techniques are just bad) that it may take them years to discover a technique that works well for them.  Below, I will try to sum up what […]