Everything Must Go

My nieces are in town for the weekend.  I enjoy their energy and presence very much.  Interestingly enough, I am always happy to see them come, and always happy to see them go!  Some of this may be because in between, the “liking very much,” becomes “liking well enough.”  Our experience changes with our mind, […]

Not what it means

When we don’t use something, we experience it.  It doesn’t need to be a method for something else.  We increase the sharpness of our experience, but we experience it differently.  When we experience waking life as a dream, we experience this change of edge, as though the knife of consciousness is being seen in a […]

Now never sleeps

it is like I am asleep. Which part of me has gone to sleep? Which part of me remains? What can sleep, sleeps. What is awake is awake. Who is not both sleeping and awake? I am cycling back and forth between sleeping and awake. For one long open space I rest. It is like […]