my body becomes the earth and air and sky

it is gentle leaves drifting to the ground and a single thread unravels an entire work frayed at the edges we watch our works unravel at the edges dissolving towards the center and we cry that our toys which we thought were a self are scattered thoughtlessly to the winds but no matter what is […]

My breath is quiet, my heart shines

your plans got stacked up like empty plates there are no dishes in this house we were waiting for you to make something last worthwhile — such a funny word in a world where nothing lasts so let’s be joyful I can hear a bird singing and its cry dissolves in the wind as it […]

Starting a Meditation Practice

Since I once started a meditation practice, I understand the challenge of initially keeping it going, especially when we wonder what it is we are actually doing.  It dawned on me recently that meditation practice does not have to be a slog, even in the beginning. Depending on what tradition of meditation you are working […]

Letting the Heart Lead

I always heard as a child to not follow my heart.  I was told the heart was stupid, that it “didn’t really know,” and that intellect was always the better choice.  Rationality!  However, over two years of meditation has led me to the conclusion that this is really just wrong.  First of all, many of […]

Listening to Silence II: Anxiety

My sense of self has a constant underlying sense of anxiety.  Much of the time there is no apparent reason for this fear, but the fear manifests itself as a tightness in the solar plexus that persists as long as I am not conscious.  When I become conscious and open to this tightness, it dissolves […]