My breath is quiet, my heart shines

your plans got stacked up like empty plates there are no dishes in this house we were waiting for you to make something last worthwhile — such a funny word in a world where nothing lasts so let’s be joyful I can hear a bird singing and its cry dissolves in the wind as it […]

An Overview of Lucid Dreaming Techniques

The number of techniques advertised to induce lucidity is staggering.  Often, it is difficult enough for a newcomer to dig through the dross (because a lot of the techniques are just bad) that it may take them years to discover a technique that works well for them.  Below, I will try to sum up what […]

Dream Journaling: Your Key to the Unconscious Mind

Dreams contain a remarkable amount of information relevant to our personal lives.  Depending on what system of dream work you subscribe to, dreams generally manifest this content in the form of symbolism, metaphor, creative imagery, and unlikely scenarios. But before we can even begin to delve into the meaning and being of our dreaming existence, […]