Reading this new degree like chipping out some new freedom missing the notes I played before You were walking by the beach and asked “Is it now” I shake my head I don’t know I wasn’t there and haven’t found what it was I sought before Your arms around me Is this it?  Now? I […]

Pain, yes, but also an update

Recently I’ve undergone some difficulties in my life, primarily with physical and emotional pain.  On the emotional side, an issue of persistent worry and fear, and on the physical side, some kind of persistent body pain that I will not say more about simply because I don’t know anything yet.  I’m going to the doctor […]

Just letting it happen

he broke my heart yesterday and today too. Something about not being able to do it and feeling a kick like that and hurting straight into tears love for myself was in that space and the tears were healing they were holy letting it happen again like watching your child lose a fight or witnessing […]

Letting the Heart Lead

I always heard as a child to not follow my heart.  I was told the heart was stupid, that it “didn’t really know,” and that intellect was always the better choice.  Rationality!  However, over two years of meditation has led me to the conclusion that this is really just wrong.  First of all, many of […]