My breath is quiet, my heart shines

your plans got stacked up like empty plates there are no dishes in this house we were waiting for you to make something last worthwhile — such a funny word in a world where nothing lasts so let’s be joyful I can hear a bird singing and its cry dissolves in the wind as it […]

Zhang Zhuang

Standing like a tree.  Rooted to the ground, spreading up to heaven.  Feeling the energies opening in my legs, feeling my body temperature rising, my breath deepening into my lower belly.  Standing still.  Moving on the inside.  One breath, two breaths, three breaths.  My thighs are cold.  The sun is hot.  The trees are helping […]

Starting a Meditation Practice

Since I once started a meditation practice, I understand the challenge of initially keeping it going, especially when we wonder what it is we are actually doing.  It dawned on me recently that meditation practice does not have to be a slog, even in the beginning. Depending on what tradition of meditation you are working […]